Wednesday, May 05, 2010



Nearly there now.  The reason there hasn’t been all that much election build-up on this blog over the last week isn’t that I’m not interested – I’m fascinated.  It’s more that the whole tenor of coverage seems vaguely pointless.  The polls are up and down – more about them in a minute – and the campaigns seem as frenziedly pointless as ever.  Everyone’s talking about the possible permutations of a hung parliament, from sober assessments of whether Cameron could go it alone to frothing nonsense about a Tory coup (no, really).

And yes, these speculations are fun.  What happens if the Tories get to 310 seats?  What if they get only 280?  Or even 275?  What happens if Labour fall behind the Lib Dems?  Or don’t?  Or collapse entirely?  What happens if the Lib Dems consolidate their surge and finish second?  What if they replace Labour as the opposition?  What if it all just fizzles out again?

All of these are fun questions, but since we don’t know the damn answer to them, there’s really not much point in trying to answer them – we’ll know the scores on the doors in a couple of days, and speculating from a known position is rather more productive.  Before we start asking ‘what happens after the election?’ we’d probably better ask ‘what’s going to happen in the election?’.

Stay tuned for the exclusive Reptile eve of poll prediction…


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