Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't these people ever do their research?

Don't these people ever do their research?

OK, enough ragging on the Guardian.  It’s not really fair to shoot a sitting target after all.  Lets return to my other great pleasure, ragging on Simon Heffer.

With England needing to avoid defeat in the final Test against South Africa to win the series, can they really take a chance on Kevin Pietersen again?

A double failure at Cape Town seemed to confirm the psychological flaws of this tiresomely narcissistic man. Apparently, he is very upset that his former fellow South Africans barrack him wherever he goes in his native country. I don’t recall one of English cricket’s greatest leaders, Douglas Jardine, cracking up when the Australians gave him far worse on the Bodyline tour of 1932-3.

Well, since we apparently can’t rely on Simon Heffer’s memories of a Test match series that took place some thirty years before he was born lets do the unthinkable and – go to the facts!

Kevin Pietersen in South Africa 2009/10 (so far…)
Innings: 5
Runs: 158
Average: 31.60

Douglas Jardine in Australia 1932/33
Innings: 9
Runs: 199
Average: 22.11



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Great stuff. Have you been doing it for long? You seem very clever!

5:15 pm  

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