Friday, June 05, 2009

Total bloody shambles

Total bloody shambles

This whole thing is an embarrassment.  Not only are the Labour party demonstrably too incompetent to run the country, they’re too incompetent to run a coup.  By staggering the three resignations over three days, it would seem that they were trying to maximise the impact.  In fact it seems to have enabled Brown to survive – by playing each resignation as it came.  Further, as it seems that these were not really co-ordinated at all, and that there is certainly no organised plot within cabinet to defenestrate our woeful Prime Minister.  That John Hutton has simultaneously managed to self-immolate without even criticising Brown is particularly useless.

The silence of Alan Johnson – now sealed by his willingness to take the Home Office, the quiescence of David Miliband, the conspicuous loyalty of Peter Mandelson: all these things add up to there not being a palace coup.  That Brown has been forced to hold his reshuffle before the results come through may actually have helped make a palace coup impossible – how could you take a job on Friday and call for a Prime Ministerial resignation on Monday?

So we are left with the possibility of a peasants revolt – that mythical email.  But on a purely procedural level this won’t have the power to force Brown to stand down; the Labour Party internal rules make it very hard for a sitting Prime Minister to be forced out if he refuses to co-operate.  So, although it would seem impossible for Brown to survive – especially if the election results are as bad as I think they will be – it actually seems more likely now that he will survive.  Piss ups and breweries.


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