Thursday, June 18, 2009

An impressive effort...

An impressive effort...

Look, I’ve written before about how highly I rate Michael Vaughan.  At his best he is elegant, quick-scoring and can swiftly dismantle an attack.  He is, however, aging, out of form and prone to injury.  His chances of batting at number 3 for England in the Ashes were dealt a pretty hefty blow by Ravi Bopara’s three consecutive hundreds as well.  All that said, if he were to get himself back into form he would be the obvious choice for ‘first reserve’ in case of injury or loss of form.  And it’s hard to deny that a number of writers would like him back

Michael Vaughan found enough time on a rain-wrecked day to make an impression on England's national selector, Geoff Miller.

I appreciate the sentiment, but how much of an impression can you really make with a quick 21*?


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