Monday, April 06, 2009

Chancellor of the world...

Chancellor of the world...

Gordon Brown must have glowed with pleasure on reading Nick Robinson’s assessment of the G20 summit.

The Chancellor of the World Exchequer. That is how Gordon Brown appeared today as he delivered his global budget speech at the end of this G20 summit.

It all felt so very familiar - and yet at the same time so very different.

But, as the small print of that $1 trillion comes under the spotlight, it is increasingly clear that the comparison to a Brown budget is not a compliment.  Just like them there is an eye-catching up-front figure, a reliance on off-budget accounting, and the hidden reality that there’s not much behind it.  It’s always been Brown’s biggest failing: a desire for favourable headlines the following day regardless of what that means a week, or a year, down the line.  He’s got his three point bounce from the G20, but I wouldn’t bet on that effect lasting.  In fact, as people realise that he has raised their hopes only to dash them, I’d anticipate the Labour poll falling again…


Blogger asquith said...

You know, I'd absolutely love to know who these people are who think "Yes, Brown really impressed me at G2" or "I tell you what, Brown's handling of the credit crunch has been great" or whatever it is that makes them fuel these bounces, then change their minds shortly afterwards.

I can understand tribalists who formed their opinions in opposition to Thatcher & haven't thought about anything since 1987. But what kind of a floating voter would plump for Labour these days?

12:57 pm  
Blogger Dungeekin said...

There's some concern about Nick Robinson since that 'Chancellor of the World' post...

...Word has it that 'Toenails' has gone missing. Police are searching as we speak!


1:13 pm  

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