Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bankers 4 Labour...

Michael White, who I normally have quite a good deal of time for, writes an article about the ‘trilemma’ (© Niall Ferguson) facing the Tories which includes, as a cute little throwaway line,

Low-tax theorists don't feel comfortable with the huge monetary and fiscal stimuli which most governments, left and right, have deployed to undo damage done by Conservative-voting bankers.

These would, presumably, be Conservative voting bankers like Tom Hunter, Sir Ronald Cohen, Christopher Ondaatje, and so on and bloody on. The banker that everyone will immediately associate with the financial catastrophe will be Sir Fred Goodwin, mates with and knighted by Gordon “for services to banking. Just like the other architects McKillop, Crosbie and Blank. Rather hard to pin this one on the Tories I’d have thought.

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