Friday, February 13, 2009

There are only 2 things I cant stand...

... intolerance and the Dutch.

I think that the Government was wrong (natch) to block this Wilders fellow, and that until the 'muslim community' and its sel appointed, semi-representative spokesmen like the alledgedly man-slaughtering Lord Ahmed learn to have adult conversations about stuff then we are all a bit buggered.

I am afraid that this hate speech rot has to stop as well, society needs free speech much more than it needs 'community relations' where the last seems to be short hand for giving into bullies, bigots, liars and fantasists.

And at the risk of sounding like Simon Heffer (or Boris) what in the name of Fuckety Fuck are the Tories playing at coming out with mealie mouthed crap about equity of judgement.

Wilders and the loony-imans that Labour are so happy to allow in are not in the same boat - Wilders has a belief that Islam is inherently dangerous, but does not advocate the slaughter of those who disagree with him. The loony-imans believe that Jews, unbelievers, some other muslims should be killed, as should anyone who says anything that implies they disagree with the fundamental tenents of Islam. They are rather different positions, and the sooner our politicians grow some balls the better.

I am a fan Dave, but you have been utterly pathetic on this (oh, and the Titian thing made you look like a cock as well)


Blogger Dungeekin said...

The whole thing stinks of cowardice, and it's equally disappointing that a Conservative Party who once backed Salman Rushdie's right to free speech can be so spineless now.

As for the Regime - well, they're so terrified of offending the Muslim radicals that I'm just waiting for the 'Social Cohesion' Legislation that will ban Christianity and Atheism.

HM the Queen as 'Defender of Islam', anyone?


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