Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cameron Derangement Syndrome

One of the odd things about David Cameron’s position at the moment (riding high in the polls, high personal approval ratings, a united party etc) is just how little support he receives from the ‘Tory’ press.  Simon Heffer’s issues are well-known and long-standing (diminished only slightly by the fact that he is clearly a fictional character), but it’s not just him getting irrational and absurd.  Jan Moir wrote a peculiar piece a few weeks ago entitled “God how I hate Cameron’s legs” that included the following rather creepy image:

There is something about the Tory leader's hideous orbs of compressed, calfy muscle  -  testament to a cycling habit that keeps him in favour with the eco-nuts  -  that makes me want to beat them black and blue with a bicycle pump.

As James Forsyth says, Cameron appears to have Blair’s knack of driving his opponents literally insane.  Which knack is on display again in the Mail today from A.N. Wilson.  It is noticeable that these three columnists are all from the Telegraph/Mail stable – people who ought to be Tory supporters.  Wilson’s piece is a reaction to those pictures of Cameron wearing casual clothes at a film premiere.  Shock horror and all that.  Brace yourselves: this is going to be ugly…

The dark corduroy shirt, not tucked into the jeans. The truly awful camouflage trainers and the bright-green laces flopping any-old-how. This is a 42-year-old man disguised as a teenager out on a Friday night.

So…. Shirt not tucked-in, jeans and trainers.  Shameful huh?  But then, what should he have worn at a casual event?  Perhaps A.N. Wilson can offer some guidance.

Surely a man like David Cameron should wear a pair of well-polished shoes made in Northampton rather than those idiotic smelly trainers? Maybe he did not need to wear a tie when going to see a cartoon film, but what is the objection to tucking his shirt into his trousers?

I love the maybe there.  Personally I found those pictures of Gordon Brown on holiday wearing a sports jacket and slacks far more peculiar than Cameron wearing jeans and trainers.  And as for the objection to tucking your shirt into your jeans I have two words for him: Jeremy Clarkson.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all their half-witted satorial comments just perhaps these writers recognise a witless big-govt eco-stooge when they see one.

1:26 pm  

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