Tuesday, February 03, 2009

By George he's got it?

I was forced to do a quick double-take this morning reading George Monbiot:

For the first time in my life I resent paying my taxes. Until now I have seen this annual amputation as a civic duty - like giving blood - necessary to sustain the life of a fair society. Suddenly I see it as an imposition. Its purpose has reverted to that of the middle ages: subsidising the excesses of a parasitic class.

Has he finally seen the light?  I’ve been feeling this way for years – so much tax paid, and so much of it going to pay the wages of bureaucrats and out-reach officers.  So much pissed up the wall of low productivity and gold-plated pensions: George, welcome to the right side!

Sadly it turned out he was talking about Government bail-outs of the banking sector.  Right sentiments, wrong target.

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