Friday, January 30, 2009

A Question for question time

I don't watch Question time much these days - I have to get up at 5.45am, and this militates against latish night tv.

Saw a bit last night - it was up in Scotland so everyone was doing there best to strangle their vowels and invent words like 'youse'.

Thing that struck me (along with just how utterly, utterly sanctimonious and awful Lib Dems are) was that I don't understand why the BBC put comics, pop fiction authors, musicians etc on the panel. Now, I am not saying that it should just be politicians and journos - I am interested to hear businessmen on some subjects (Justin King of Sainsburys was excellent on the economy) and it would be good for example to have social workers on the panel in some cases. However I am less interested for example in Justin King's foreign policy views, or a social workers views on the economics of recession. I am never interested in hearing the views of comics etc on anything. They have no inherent experience or exposure that makes their commentary informed - might as well get a man in from the pub.

Why bother with them?

UPDATE: 3 line whip takes a similar line on the simplifications, idiocy and irrelevance of the comic panalists and extends the point with an observation on the mass stupidity of the audience. FA's views on the mass vote will the subject of a post at some point...


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