Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Avancez a future!

 Well, another year beckons us onward.  Though there's a certain groundhog familiarity about the headlines so far: crisis in Middle East; Labour says that Tories will slash public services; another high street retailer goes into administration; things continue to be unable to get worse in Zimbabwe …

But it's going to be all change one way or another this year for me at any rate.  Whether or not Brown goes to the country, regardless of how long it takes for the left to become disillusioned with Obama (or has that happened already?) the home affairs of the Reptile will be altered beyond recognition in the Spring.  Expect more posts at 4am, and for them to make much less sense as, sleep-deprived and impoverished, I plant my genetic footprint on an unsuspecting world…



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