Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Over at order-order, Guido has a new video of Fred talking about the US economy. This is notable for 2 things.

1 - Everything Fred says is applicable to the UK economy, and it is a devastating message. Where is the Tory equivalent, for example starring Ken Clarke. We need to start to stamp on the lies that labour are propagating - and this is a great way to do it;
2 - Eeeenteresting to note that Fred is keepin' active. Could this be the time that Fred chooses to step up and save the Republican Party? It took a whuppin' from a charasmatic, stereotype bustin' New Hope type to give us Reagan 4 years later when everything had gone to rat-shit;

I had no doubt in endorsing Fred for President (the reptile went for Rudy) but sadly it didn't work out. Some say that he pulled out because he was too lazy to really push for it which is why these videos are interesting now as it looks though he is looking to build a profile. Kinda familiar strategy, I remember reading about a California Governor doing the same
Fred has the character, persona and politics to rally effective, conservative opposition. And as for those who say that as a one term senator he lacks the experience to be President... too late.

If you need more reasons as to why Fred would be an awesome President go here


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