Wednesday, September 10, 2008

US Election effectively over

Well, we can all stop worrying about the US election, it's all over bar the shouting now.
Gordon Brown has triggered a potential row with John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, after apparently backing Barack Obama - breaking convention not to get involved in foreign elections.
I think we can rely on the awesome powers of our Prime Minister to destroy everything he touches to hold true, and can therefore look forward to seeing John McCain in the White House.  After all, look what happened to Andy Murray...

Incidentally, on a slightly more serious note, what the hell does Brown think he's playing at?  When John Major more or less obviously favoured George Bush snr it took a long time for the Clinton White House to trust Britain again - and it was really only the election of Tony Blair that did it.  If the Republicans do win - and it's pretty much a toss-up as to whether they will - Gordon Brown will feel all kinds of a fool, though admittedly he must be getting used to that by now.

UPDATE:  Ha ha!  Team McCain seem to be bearing this sad news with all the fortitude they can muster...

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