Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin: upsetting all the right people

Whilst I am getting stuff off my chest...

One can have reservations about Mrs Palin however she does seem to have upset all the right people. By way of a few slight observations:

- The media have really ballsed it up. The tone of the commentary, the rudeness of the coverage and the naked disappointment post her speech showed Joe Soap that the media isin the bag with Obama. That makes people think twice about coverage and the benefit of the doubt shifts

- Obama's campaign has really ballsed it up. They have started to pitch the top of their ticket against the bottom of John McCain's - that leaves JM looking, well, presidential

- McCain played a blinder. He had to double down on this one - the safe options would lead to a better defeat than he might have got. This changed the game - and we can now see how. He has banked experience (and Obama has conceded experience) so that becomes a given that people price in. Obama wanted to do that with 'Change' - but McCain is now competing for this territory and being very effective with his variant on the Clinton line - Sen. McCain has been changing Washington for 20 years, Sarah Palin took on Oil and vested interests in Alaska as Mayor and Governor and Sen Obama has a speech he gave in 2006.

- Hard to see Obama's next step. Starts to look like the only way Obama'll win is an old fashioned anti-republican vote... not sure how this kind of pitch compares to the new politics schtic he was bleating about

- People are noting the differing levels of scrutiny that has been applied to Palin, Obama and Biden... and whilst the media adopt a 'nothing to see move on' approach there are some tricky questions popping up... the Obama back story is starting to shift away from the audacity of hope to the mendacity of the Chicago machine politician...awkward

- Narrative: the Dems have lost control of the narrative to this election... change is being seen as being prepared to take people on, and upsetting your own side is being used as a proxy. Good for McCain / Palin, rotten for Obama / Biden

- What does Biden bring to the ticket? Surely one gas-bag is enough even for the dems... And dont say 'experience and foreign expertise' cos I dont think anyone is buying. Obama needed executive support, not senatorial grandeur

- Lipstick on a Pig: daft thing to say, and whilst I am sure he wasnt being personal how very, very amusing to watch a Democrat fall into the elephant trap of 'perceived intolerance / sexism etc' which they and their clients have been so busy digging these past many years

- Everytime I watch American Presidential wannabees, I am reminded of what a remarkable, wonderful, clever, warm man Ronald Reagan was. We will not see his like again.


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