Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reading the tea leaves...

... All this chat about leadership elections etc seems to be getting a tad too clever. I am not clever - so here is what I think will happen.

Pre-conference, a great deal of sound and fury signifying that Brooon has to 'give the speech of his life'. This is something he cannot do. He will however do enough to pass - but by then that speech won't be the test. Glenrothes is the test.

Labour will lose Glenrothes, Milibland will resign and challenge Broon with Cruddas as his number 2 in a 'unity ticket' (pace Messers Clark & Redwood who tried this in '97). The internal contradictions will be a nightmare but papered over with something like a windfall tax on utilities and something popular but unhelpful for the banks.

Broon will fight on and fight to win, and lose. So will Millipede and Cruddles - and something awful will happen...

...Harriet Harman is going to be PM.

Will the last one out please close the door.


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