Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day, another target

A couple of years ago I wrote that:
In 2008 there are two industries that I would seriously recommend selling: Aluminium foil producers and green ink manufacturers. The reason being that, on the departure from office of George Bush (for certain) and presumably Tony Blair as well (although it would be quite funny to watch Gordon Brown's face if Tony manages to hang on that long), the heads of large numbers of weird Guardian-reading conspiracy theorists are going to explode, depriving the above industries of their most profitable customers.
Now, I know that I promised that I would stop writing about the US elections, but I'm still being quietly staggered by the way in which some Democrat supporters have gone off the rails. Look at this letter in Salon:

I need help. I just finished watching one of the most horrifying V.P. speeches in my life. My husband and I were sitting here watching the RNC so we could get some insight on who this chick is that McCain selected. As the night progressed our attitudes started to change. We were both on edge and snapping at every little thing the other did. From typing too loud on the laptop to repeating a comment made in a speech. We were at each other's throats. And all because of the spewing hatred that came from Romney, Giuliani and Palin. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? And why are sane people voting for them?!

Seriously, I cannot even stomach being around someone who claims to be a Republican. Before, I just avoided conversations with people who were of that ilk. But now ... NOW ... I want to beat some ever-loving sense into their thick stupid racist greedy selfish HEADS!

Calm the hell down dear, for God's sake! Sarah Palin will really, honestly, not eat your dachshund if elected. John McCain is not waiting till November before removing his mask to reveal his inner alien. Take deep breaths and try and remember that you're a rational being. I was obviously hopelessly premature, and aluminium foil manufacturers should increase production - it's going to be a long couple of months.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She wont eat the dog - but she'll shoot it.

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