Monday, August 04, 2008


So, after a string of disappointing results and after his previously impregnability began to look more and more like a liability to his team, he looked into his heart, found that not only was he no longer right for the job, but the job was no longer right for him and did the honourable thing.

Perhaps Gordon should have a word.

Poor old Michael Vaughan - proof that no matter how fine a leader you are, you need to maintain your personal performances or you're toast. His career will forever be marked by that glorious late summer of 2005, when he ran tactical rings around Ricky Ponting, and England deservedly won the Ashes. But there will be a lot more glories in the Michael Vaughan memory banks - that staggering series of eight consecutive test victories; consecutive series wins over the West Indies, New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa and Australia; taking the almighty Australian attack for three scintillating hundreds in 2001/2.

It might not quite be all over just yet - though it's hard to see him forcing his way back through weight of runs for Yorkshire, the hard grind of unwatched county cricket not exactly playing to his strengths. But if it is, it's best to remember him at his best - lacing the ball through extra cover with no apparent effort.



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