Friday, August 01, 2008

It's not the despair...

In the words of John Cleese from Clockwise, 'It's not the despair, I can cope with the despair - it's the hope I can't stand.' Watching England at cricket over the last few years has given new meaning to that. Today, while Kevin Pieterson was at the crease, looking a million dollars, there was a possibility that England might set South Africa at least a reasonable target.

And then he was out, miscueing a biggie over long-on, and it looked like a miserable capitulation was all set to happen. And then Paul Collingwood, who is in utterly miserable form, averaging about 9 in first class cricket this season and probably on his absolutely last chance as an England cricketer, played unquestionably the innings of his life - unbeaten on 100 at the close.

There are all kinds of courage, but one of the most impressive is standing up when your future is on the line and performing to the limit of your ability. I thought Collingwood's reselection was a great big blunder, and his first innings confirmed that to me. But I have been proved utterly wrong, and have been glad to have been proved wrong.



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