Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The Aussies have been having a pop at us for Andy Burnham's typically inane boast that Great Britain would win more Olympic medals than Australia. Apart from the usual soap-dodging routines and the 'whinging poms' bit (here's a tip - mention Bodyline or Clive Woodward and see how long an Aussie can whine for. Gripes: it not just what Australians make wine with) there's a rather odd tirade about the British motor industry.
Britain once spent even more on its motor industry. Billions every year. They gave us the Morris Marina and Ford Cortina, and an industry that in the past few decades has utterly collapsed.

We won't say UK athletes will perform as badly as a Marina. That isn't possible. But 41 medals?

Hmm. Here's a truly great Australian car of that period, the 1970 Hillman Hustler:
mmm, beige

And here's a horrible product of the useless UK car industry from the same time:

Ahh, the Spitfire...

On sporting matters I'm prepared to accept that the Aussies have our number - but in motoring? Only if you'd rather buy a Holden Commodore than an Aston Martin DB9.



Blogger Travelgall said...

Good show. You stick it to the Breadstealers. I heartily agree. Obviously colonial whining about the soap hasn't taken in the fragrant smells of those leaving circular quay on their way home in summer.

3:04 pm  

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