Thursday, July 31, 2008

Something in the air...

While we all know that it's a myth that nothing happens in August, there has been a tendency for things to get blown up out of all proportion during a relatively slack time for the newspapers. Given that, and the generally depressive lethargy that seems to have overtaken the Labour Party since the Spring, I was inclined rather to write off the Miliband kerfuffle as as five-minute wonder and no more. And that may still prove to be the case. However, his non-committal interview on Five Live, coupled with his article in the Guardian add up to something like a plan. When you take this into account, it begins to look like something's up.
David Miliband quits foreign trip to spark new rumours of challenge to Brown
The Foreign Secretary suddenly announced this morning that he was calling off the trip to India, scheduled for the start of September. It had been designed to promote Britain's trade and investment interests in the country, and was considered important to encourage investment in one of the world's fastest-growing economies.
The cancellation, for which no reason was given, was unexpected as invitations to meet him had already been sent out to Indian political and business leaders.
In a move sparking further leadership speculation, it emerged that Mr Miliband had earlier this week assembled several close aides in his office and told them how grateful he had been for all of their efforts.
This has the smell of a plan falling into place...

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