Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fat is a conservative issue...

So, Cameron's speech. Predictably, the left are running the line that the nasty Tories are back, blaming poor people for their poverty and sick people for their illness. Mike Smithson questions how dangerous a line this is politically, while the Mirror bloviates crapulently about hugging hoodies transmogrifying into kicking grannies. On the other hand, Stephen Pollard and the DK have applauded the sentiment.
I was surprised and impressed by the absence of the usual get-out clauses and mealy-mouthedness that accompanied the speech. That the Tories have accepted that misleading and euphemistic language can exacerbate problems rather than solve them is extremely welcome. That they are finally talking the language of personal responsibility is better. We are autonomous beings; our actions have consequences. If we eat pies and drink beer we will get fat. It's like Peter Cook on Elizabeth Taylor, who blamed her weight gain on her 'glands'.
'Yes, poor woman!' he squawks in Cook's voice. 'Elizabeth would be sitting in her suite at the Inn on the Park, quite casually watching the three o'clock at Haydock, and suddenly her glands would pick up the phone and order a tray of eclairs and a bottle of Courvoisier! No, she'll scream! But it's too late! The order's gone through!' Resuming his standard delivery, Fry explains that Cook's fantasy ended 'with Taylor in the bathroom, trying to lock the door against the glands, while they smash their way in and force the food down her throat.
I agree with the DK and others that it's not for the Government to enforce morality. There's no reason why they can't remind us of our own responsibilities.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was impressed by D the C's comments, to be honest. it boiled down to, for me, 'Get off your backside and look after yourself' and that's the message this indolent country needs.

I know many have said it's political spin and maybe it is. Maybe it's all just talk, but the concept is valid no matter where it originates. People heard the idea and that's what counts.

What's needed is the exact opposite of what we have now. Demolish those three thousand or so petty and pointless little laws and don't give daily lectures on The Way Life Should Be, like the Brown Gorgon and his tapeworm tribe does now.

You know why the SNP are so popular in Scotland? It's because, having gained power, they shut up and left us alone. Well, until now when the Anti-brigade have fired up. If Al the Oily Fish has any sense he'll stamp on them before the haggis-hunters and sporran-farmers blockade the oatmeal mines.

In the months after the SNP won, we forgot they were even there.

People like that. Everything is running smoothly and nobody is nagging. It makes for a contented population.

If Dave can catch that idea he'll do well. Can he resist the temptation to Control though - that's the question. Especially since the Gorgon has left him such a tempting package of complacent drones.

2:40 am  
Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

It was so refreshing to hear a politician tell us to start sorting out our own problems. Obviously the government should provide the right conditions to help us succeed, but that's as far as they should go.

10:10 am  

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