Friday, July 11, 2008

Cor, I'm like some crazy political legend

You can tell this is a really good idea by the Tories:

The former shadow home secretary, who fought a by-election in protest at the erosion of civil liberties, is due to have a meeting with David Cameron next week to thrash out the details of the new job.
It is likely to come in the form of some kind of policy oversight role, with Mr Davis keen to make certain that the party does not slip from the positions he had established on opposing ID cards and detention without trial.

How good an idea is this? Well, it's such a good idea that I thought of it first! (Note: I may not have thought of this first - in fairness it's hardly a massive leap of imagination).
How about this: set him up as head of a small policy committee whose remit would be to identify the areas of policy and legislation where creeping authoritarianism and draconian state powers have combined to erode the British tradition of freedom and liberty, and propose either their repeal entirely, or their amendment.
Incidentally, there's one of those unintentionally lovely typos in the Telegraph article:
Mr Cameron will also want to ensure that his former leadership rival is given something to occupying his time and prevent him from becoming a loose canon on the backbenches.
I like the idea of being a loose canon. Though whether that means an inadequately fitted printer, or a clergyman with dubious morals is debatable.

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