Friday, June 13, 2008

What should Cameron do about Davis?

David Davis is far too big a beast to leave languishing indefinitely on the back benches. He's good with the media, has a back story that contradicts the whole 'Tory toffs' line of attack, and he's been a supremely good shadow Home Secretary. All that said, it is not going to be possible for him to walk back into the shadow Cabinet after, presumably, his easy victory in the by-election. So, what on earth should Cameron do with him?
How about this: set him up as head of a small policy committee whose remit would be to identify the areas of policy and legislation where creeping authoritarianism and draconian state powers have combined to erode the British tradition of freedom and liberty, and propose either their repeal entirely, or their amendment.
This would presumably appeal to Davis's sense of mission, keep him closely involved with both the Cameron project and with the workings of the front bench, help to keep a continuing spotlight on Brown's "ineffective authoritarianism", which is a line with great potential and avoid claims that there is a split/leadership challenge within the Tories.

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