Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, for God's sake...

OK, so I accept that the media were always going to go doolally about the Obama candidacy - it's a great story; he's an appealing candidate; the media hate the Republicans and so on and so on. But the great tidal wave of arslikhan is really starting to grate. Matthew Norman in the Independent, for example, oozes all over Michelle Obama:
She, meanwhile, was sensational. Fiercely intelligent, highly eloquent, witty and mischievous ("Be good" was the extent of Barack's pre-show pep-talk), as natural a TV performer as you will ever lay eyes on... apologies for the press release, but this woman is every bit as impressive as her husband, and then some. She is also, at the risk of being thrown out of the vanguard of current neo-feminist thinking like Joan Rivers leaving a studio, incredibly beautiful. If the Obama White House is to be the new Camelot, what a Guinevere she will make (although preferably without facilitating too much cuckoldry).
Slurp slurp.
There are a lot of people, most of whom must be considered ordinarily rational and adult, who are behaving like 1970s teenagers with a crush on Donny Osmond. For God's sake - the guy's a politician, not the re-incarnation of Buddha (note to self: is that theologically possible?). He's made plain stupid remarks about the economy, unhelpful ones about trade and dangerous ones about foreign policy. He is not going to represent a new world, or anything like it - no-one ever does. The most you can hope for is marginal improvement. Build him up now into the world's redeemer, and you're going to be one sad little boy on Christmas morning.

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Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

The candidates' wives are surprisingly important in the eyes of the US media. In England they tend to hide in the shadows, but in America they are interviewed on a regular basis and heavily scrutinised.

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