Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Communist jokes

A particularly good joke, as told by Krushchev:

At the 20th Party Congress as Krushchev recounted the evils perpetrated by Stalin, a voice came from the hall:

'And where were you then?'

'Would the man who asked that question stand up,' said Krushchev.

The questioner took fright and did not stand.

'That's where we were, too!' replied Krushchev.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little boy in the USSR asked his dad;

'Daddy, what is the difference between capitalism and communism?'

'Ah', said his father, 'Capitalism is the exploitation of one man by another man'

'Oh', replied the boy,' and what is communism?'

'Son', he said, 'Communism is the exact opposite'.

Boom boom.

5:10 pm  

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