Monday, May 12, 2008

A very Eden

In haste on Gordon...

The thing that strikes me is just how terribly unwell Gordon looks - and the challenge is I am not sure that he can do anything about it.

He cannot do the job:

  • He is a manic obsessive with a deep seated need to command all the detail before he can be comfortable 'signing off' on something. Some of the chaps who work for me are the same - and it is a real career limitor. You cannot do even a mid-level role these days without being able to delegate, let alone be PM

  • He really needs a break, but as well as being emotionnally unable to let go, the press would crucify him if he shot off for a break (shades of crisis, what crisis)

  • He really dare not go anywhere or delegate because his team are rubbish - look at his team. QED

  • He dare not go any where as he faces the trader's challenge: in the city traders in trouble dare not take holiday lest the person minding the shop notices how godawful their positions really are or because they are hyper aware of massive flaws in their strategy that they have to be on hand to unwind... so they work on getting more and more exhausted...

So no break, no let up, no improvement on the cards, no sleep, no time to weigh up the challenges, no escape from the neverending decisions, no chance to catch breath, no support, no fun, no escape, no time, no point...

People talk about 'resigning on the grounds of ill health' as an excuse... what if it is less an excuse and more of a collapse.

More to the point - what are the steps one takes to cart off a barmy PM?


Blogger Tim J said...

I think this is about right. He looks unbelievably awful - tired, miserable and sort of grimly disbelieving. His response so far has been to work harder and harder (or at least longer and longer) as if people will finally warm to Gordon if he puts in 20 hour days instead of 18 hour days.

With Eden and MacMillan it was a physical collapse that did for them - is that what it's going to take to get Gordon out?

2:45 pm  

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