Friday, May 09, 2008


There aren't going to be many smiling faces in Downing Street this morning. The latest YouGov poll in The Sun (and I believe that this is the first link from here to there) has the polling figures as:
Conservatives: 49
Labour: 23
Lib Dem: 17
This would give, according to electoral calculus, a Tory majority of 288. Among the big names to lose their seats would be Geoff Hoon, John Hutton, Jack Straw, Ruth Kelly, Jon Cruddas, Alan Milburn, Tessa Jowell, Alastair Darling, Charles Clarke, Jacqui Smith, John Denham and James Purnell. Oh, and Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne and Mark Oaten. Rather cuts down the leadership options doesn't it?
UPDATE: A thought occurs, incidentally. I wonder how Quentin Davis is feeling at the moment?

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