Monday, April 07, 2008

More questions to which the answer is no

It's Mugabe season here at the Reptile, and there's a fresh brand of idiocy over at the Independent. Mugabe, in the 1960s, spent a good deal of time and energy (although he was in stir at the time, so it wasn't like he had anything else to do) negotiating with the British Government in an attempt to prevent the deportation of his wife Sally (who was, incidentally, apparently an extremely nice person. More than one analysis of Mugabe puts the critical time of his descent into lunacy as being Sally's death. Wife no. 2, Grace, is a horse of a different colour...). He was unsuccessful, which isn't that surprising as she was the penniless wife of a man who was leading what even Labour Governments at that time considered a terrorist organisation.
So, the question posed by the Indy is was this bureaucratic struggle with the Home Office the moment that finally set the Zimbabwean rebel against his former colonial rulers?
Well, no. Given that the British never were the colonial rulers in Zimbabwe.

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