Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Classy politics

Since it is evidently the season for bizarre news stories from around the world, lets have a look at this truly classy story from Western Australia.
I did sniff colleague's chair, admits politician
One of Australia’s most senior conservative politicians broke down today as he tearfully admitted sniffing the chair of a female colleague shortly after she vacated it.
Troy Buswell, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party in Western Australia, was under intense pressure to resign over the incident, which happened in 2005.
He dismissed allegations on 13 different occasions that he had sniffed the seat, before finally admitting yesterday that it had in fact taken place.
“All I can confirm is that the events described in the paper [The West Australian] by the former female staffer are accurate,” he said.
Holding back tears at a news conference, Mr Buswell admitted that his behaviour before becoming party leader three months ago had sometimes been highly offensive.
He has previously admitted to snapping a woman’s bra as a drunken party trick and has been accused by a retiring Liberal MP of making sexist remarks to her.
There's a grand old Irish word, snedger, meaning someone who sniffs girls' bicycle saddles. I suppose this makes Troy Buswell (you may remember me from such political scandals as...) the world's most prominent snedger.

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