Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Losing the will to carry on

There's just something about this Government, and its gurning Prime Minister above all, that seems to sap the enjoyment out of life and the interest out of everything it touches. Skilled in the art of never, never answering a question in a clear and straightforward way, their endless obfuscations and tedious circumlocutions drain the will. I suspect that that's rather the point - the world is, after all, fated to be ruled by those who can stay awake in committees - but gosh it's tiresome.
The tarnish has spread to every corner of the Government. Listening to Liam Byrne endlessly repeating 'the rate of change has been too fast in some areas' on the Today programme as if it were his personal route to Nirvana was bad enough. Having to plod through Gordon Brown's tiresome speeches and ghastly pronouncements on whatever the hell it is he's talking about is worse. When the history of this Labour Government is written it will be about how a party that debased the English language so thoroughly (admittedly in continuation of an existing trend) that they made governance through boredom their aim.

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