Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another defunct political line

If the Labour Party are unable to use the 'Tory black hole' argument any more, that'll be pretty damaging - it's been their go-to line in elections for a decade and more. But there's one standard political line that's always used when a politician is challenged on something they've said, or something that has been said about them: don't judge me on what X has to say - look at my record and judge me on that.
For all the eloquence of Barack Obama's speech on race and identity, he is still vulnerable to being attacked on his relationship with Pastor 'God damn America' Wright. Where some politicans might be able to say - look at my record on race, I've brought in these measures etc. Obama can't - people have to judge him on what he says and what is said about him: he hasn't done anything yet.

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