Monday, February 18, 2008

Damned inconvenient

It leaves you not knowing quite what to think really. I've always basically regarded UKIP as essentially a bit to the barking side of the Hammersmith & City. Even when I've agreed with various of their policies, I've been reassured by the various weirdies and obsessives that they're not really the place for me. This was rather challenged when DK got so heavily involved in UKIPping, as, whatever might be suggested by the tone of his writing, he's too bright to be a part of UKIP as I knew it.
But I was still well able to dismiss the whole thing as a bit, well, silly. But this as well! The blogfather himself joining them! I shall keep an eye out for sudden attacks of seriousness from UKIP...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


The EU thing is about fundamental thinking.

Whether or not you think democratic control of your own country should be sublimented to an un-democratic organisation.

The French woke up to their own nightmare and voted "Non" to more of it.

Much good it did them.

We have a very small chance of being free of a very small place in the world's future.

10:43 pm  
Blogger Tim J said...

Oh I agree entirely. I've moved more and more firmly towards a UKIPite position on the EU over the last few years - and I was a sceptic to start.

I've tried to explain in the past why it is that I'm not a supporter of UKIP, but in some ways it is a more natural home than the Conservatives, if it weren't for the weirdness and unprofessionalism of them.

I'm just pinning my hopes on the gradual hardening of the Tories' position on the EU - and to be fair it is the old guard of 'bedblockers' who make up the majority of Europhile Tories.

8:43 am  

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