Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unlikely image of the week

There's something about this that really doesn't ring true:
Gordon Brown has got "a skip in his stride" following last year's difficulties, Jack Straw has claimed. Asked if there had really been a skip in Mr Brown's step as Mr Hain was forced to resign last week, Mr Straw said: "Well these things happen and they happen to any party, as we saw yesterday in respect of Derek Conway. But what we're also doing is dealing with the serious business of government."
Can anyone really imagine Gordon Brown skipping anywhere? Especially now, as four members of his cabinet are interviewed by the police, his attempted clever solution to the Northern Rock debacle gets panned by financial commentators everywhere, his attempt to highlight Tory splits on Europe lead to the best Commons speech in years and an unprecedented alliance between Bill Cash and Ken Clarke? I suspect Jack Straw is being a touch flippant...

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