Monday, January 28, 2008

Good luck with that

I've always been irrationally scared of sharks - probably as a result of watching Jaws as a kid - but I will admit that there is something incredibly graceful and impressive about them, and that their over-fishing, usually by wannabe Hemingways, is unnecessary. That said, the new exhibition of action pictures of Great Whites off South Africa might not have quite the effect that seems to be hoped for.

These dramatic pictures, taken near Seal Island, in False Bay, are part of a decade-long campaign to promote positive awareness of great white sharks, which are classed as "endangered" largely due to being hunted by man.

It's a worthy ambition, but one that I think will be hampered by a few small problems.

I might be being pessimistic on this, but who is going to look at this picture and think 'All my negative images of the Great White are clearly irrational. I will now have only a positive image of this 15 foot torpedo with teeth'?



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