Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spinning Around

On Sunday I commented on a Guardian piece about the intensely bad blood between Brown and Cameron, with one of the key areas that had caused ructions being their respective children:
His anger shows how relations between the two men are now beyond repair. Cameron meant his remarks to be a friendly word of support from one father to another (his own life was transformed by the birth of his profoundly disabled son in 2002). But Brown winced at the mention of Fraser on television because he barely mentions his son in public.
So it came as something of a surprise, looking back to those days before he had become Prime Minister and was courting the Press to discover that:
He has a near-permanent smile on his face, and has been ready and even eager to talk about his family life and personal tragedies, such as the loss of his first child - again referred to during his campaign launch.
So perhaps his iron privacy is a little less consistent that he might like us to believe?

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