Saturday, October 06, 2007

Waltzing off home

That was bloody fantastic, even if I did have to watch most of it standing outside a pub in Marylebone (surrounded by Aussies) squinting at the TV through the door. England played to their strengths perfectly, and the Aussies were made to look downright poor in the forwards. It's not enough to have fancy-dan backs who can run in tries from all over the park, if you're pack has all the heft and power of a Sinclair C5.

I wonder how the head of the Australian RFU is feeling right now though. I mean it's bad enough to lose your third world cup match in a row against any opponent, but to lose to a team that you absolutely hate? That's gotta hurt. And while it's childish to point out articles like this one that were bigging up the Aussies a couple of days ago, it's fun too.

The poor English, bumblers that they are, have fallen short throughout this tournament on all three criteria: style and humour and most definitely good intent.

Where in the past Australia were obliged to use hit-and-run tactics, now, boasting a scrum that even rival flanker Lewis Moody concedes may be the strongest Australia has assembled, they will engage England head-on.

The sad thing is that this probably is the strongest pack Australia have produced. It's just that it's still rubbish. Lets finish with a little chant. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Out Out Out!



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