Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More PMQ fireworks

Gordon Brown really doesn't seem to have got the hang of PMQs. Quite apart from the poor delivery, the stuttering, stammering and desperately poor jokes, he simply doesn't have the capacity to get from ears to brain to mouth. There are, for example, a few things that you simply do not do in the House of Commons. Almost chief among these is accuse a fellow MP of lying, or 'misleading the House'. Even the perishing neophytes know that.
And yet, in response to a jibe from Cameron about how Douglas Alexander had fiddled with the Scottish electoral system for party-political gain - with shambolic results - the Prime Minister accused Cameron of "misleading people" about the report. Even Michael Martin, the transcendentally useless Speaker, was moved to warn Brown about his intemperate language. The problem is that it makes Brown look even more rattled - and gets Cameron that bit closer to making him lose his temper in the House altogether.

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