Monday, October 15, 2007

Aux timbrales!

Two Pints...

Joining in the chorus of disapproval over proposed plans to encourage the drinking of UHT milk over actual, you know, milk, I am reminded of two things. The first is, as the Devil points out, is that UHT milk is utterly revolting in tea. If the Government are proposing standing between the Englishman and his cup of tea, I can only suggest that we break out the pitchforks, and start measuring the lamp posts.
The other memory that sprang to mind was an episode of Father Ted, where Father Dougal becomes a milkman, beacuse the usual milkman is going around shagging all of the Craggy Island women, causing a pandemic of hairy babies. In discussing with the boss of the dairy his duties, Dougal is reassured that it's all very simple. Everyone drinks ordinary milk,
"There is that UHT milk, but no-one drinks it because it's shite."



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