Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Get Boris!

So, when I wrote that it looked suspicously as if Ken Livingstone was priming sock puppets and astro-turfers to plaster the blogs with bum-numbingly tedious screeds about how Boris Johnson was obviously a racist because he 'dismisses Chinese culture' others were clearly thinking the same way.
The problem is that the 'scandal' in question is so evidently trivial that becoming enormously outraged over it looks, well, odd. It just doesn't seem reasonable for rational adults to get steamed up over such inanities. A juicy little race row would suit Ken Livingstone down to the ground though - putting the focus on Boris and not on Qaradawi, or Jewish war criminals. Lets look out for the next focus though - we've now had the 'posh idiot' line, which I suspect will run and run, and the 'racist' line, which I suspect will grind to an embarassing death when everyone sees how ludicrous it is. What's the next Kendiktat? Well, I suspect Peter Norrie will be there to tell us.

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