Friday, June 22, 2007

Leopards and spots

A case in point on the presentation of Gordon Brown is evident here.
Gordon Brown has said he has learned his lesson about "top-down" government and has pledged to involve ordinary people in his decisions.
Apart from the weirdness evident in the expression 'ordinary people' (who is ordinary? If they're that ordinary do we want them determining policy?) it displays a fundamental variance with what we know about how Gordon works. Whether or not his policies require 'ordinary' peoples' co-operation to implement, they have all been decided on in close consultation with a tiny handful of close advisers. In cabinet, Brown is traditionally silent, neither responding to others' policies nor inviting comments on his own. If he is going to offer a radically different approach to government as Prime Minister it will be an astonishing personality change, and not one I can readily envisage.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown may be silent in Cabinet, but he has been very busy and too busy to make a lot of noise.

David Cameron has made his own contribution to climate change over the last eighteen months: I'm afraid all the hot air he has emitted may have bumped the global thermostat up another couple of notches. At least Michael Howard had something to show for his eighteen months in leadership.

The leopard was proud to be a leopard and showed off its spots proudly. David Cameron can't decide whether he has them or not. I know what I'd rather have running the country; as a Labour voter turned Tory activist under someone who could actually run the country during his previous period in government, I'm looking very seriously at going back over the fence when Gordon takes over. I've also had an eighteen month rest from politics because neither party under Blair or Cameron really made me feel confident that the country and economy would be in safe hands if either was left in charge for more than a week. I actually spoiled my ballot last spring at the locals and will actively vote Labour next time unless the Tories get themselves sorted with some actual policies.

I'll give it another month then I go home. You have all been warned - I will take the people I brought with me. All 1,000,000 of them.


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