Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reasons I don't often get taken to the movies I

Given that the weather was so utterly unspeakable over the Bank Holiday weekend, and also given that forthcoming events (of which more later) have created a distinctly stressful atmosphere over at the Reptile House, my fiancee and I decided to go to the cinema on Sunday. Pirates are always fun, so off we went to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
It's a very silly film. I knew that, I've seen the others. So why do I find it impossible not to think of objections like the following:
1. It's set in the Caribbean, as in Pirates of the Caribbean. The bad guys are called the East India Company. Am I really the only person who sits there and goes "East India Company: East Indies; Caribbean: West Indies"?
2. The bad guys are called the East India Company, and are shown murdering, torturing and generally behaving like bad guys. These guys are called the East India Company, and are the continuation of the original East India Company. Given that it's possible to defame incorporate bodies (ie: companies) isn't the whole premise of this film intensely defamatory? Imagine a fictionalised McDonalds (called "McDonalds") raping and pillaging their way across Africa. Any chance of a libel suit?
I should probably point out here that when I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark my initial reaction was "So the Nazis are digging for the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt, which was part of the British Empire, and then escaping by submarine to Cyprus, which was also part of the British Empire? After raiding a bar in Nepal? Which was essentially a British protectorate?" As I say, I don't often get invited to the movies...

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