Friday, February 23, 2007

Grave error?

I was doing a bit of research into the 7/7 bombers recently when a small piece of information on wikipedia made me stop in surprise.

I don't suppose I had really thought about it before, but I was surprised to read that "Hussain's remains were buried in a Muslim cemetery in Leeds on November 2, 2005."
What I am wondering to myself is, should the bodies of suicide bombers be buried in consecrated ground? Would it be a massive injustice if, people who, for their own pop-eyed "religious" reasons, elected to blow themselves to bits in order to murder innocent people, forfeited their rights to a religious burial? Surely the threat that any body parts of suicide bombers would be quietly buried in unconsecrated ground by a prison or used for medical research might prove to be a (small) disincentive to other would-be mass murderers?


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