Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tim's right, it ought to be a cracker on Saturday. And what's more, the Reptile will be up in the new South Stand at Twickers jumping up and down while shouting profanities at the Scots. The team has a slightly funny look to it though. The decision to recall Wilkinson is the right one in my view - when he came back for Newcastle he looked instantly assured and a commanding opresence, even behind a disintegrating pack. Andy Farrell at inside cente is worth a punt, though he won't get too many chances to get it right. Jason Robinson, the other former leaguer, used to be electrifying and even a hint of that spark would be more than welcome. And Mike Tindall? Well, he's still big ebough to burst through a line, even if I'm not convinced he's skilful enough to slide through.
It has the air of a professional outfit though. One with the right number of controlling forces, and one that has a good mix of youth and experience. If we lose at Twickenham to the Scots it'll take the gloss of my skiing holiday, that's for sure...


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