Friday, November 17, 2006

When to pull up the ladder...

Keen (and possibly tragic) readers of the reptile will know that I am a keen cricketer who, if there was any justice in this benighted world, would even now be rendering the choice between the better batting skills of Giles and the more classic spin bowling of Panesar entirely academic. "Pick the Reptile", should be the cry, "his elegant off-spin action is beautifully complemented by his correct and skillful batting!" Even one such as I (grammar), however, know when to pull up the ladder.

The two 13-year-olds slammed triple centuries en route to posting an unimaginable 721 in 40 overs. While Manoj cracked an unbeaten 320 off 127 balls, Tumbi pummeled 324 off 116 balls during their opening partnership, which featured 103 boundaries.

Oooh sorry Skip, the hamstring's gone, you'll have to get someone else on...

Stunned by the onslaught, the St Philips' batsmen did not have the stomach to put up a fight and were bowled out for a paltry 21. St Peter's emerged winners by a record 700-run margin.

I was once playing a college match at Worcester, where the home side rattled up some 300 or so in 40 overs. I distinctly remember being put into the lake on the straight boundary (slogger!). In our innings I asked to be put at 9 or 10 so I could do some work (it was Finals year). Accordingly at 30 for 8 I strode majestically to the wicket. I think I finished on 10 not out, and we lost by 260 odd runs. This must be 5 and a half years ago and the scars are with me still. (It was OK, we beat Worcester in Cuppers that year and there was much rejoicing).


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