Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the Pollster

Tim has already done a little fisking of this one, and the poor little Greek boy ((c) DK) has added his two drachma-worth, but just one bit specifically presented itself as a tooth-grinding example of why we shall never be friends.

Yesterday the thinktank IPPR published a timely report on four Savings Gateway pilots, where anyone on a low income can get 50p from the state for every £1 they save, up to £250. The pilots show more people saving. Rolled out nationally, it would cost the state only £180m - peanuts compared with the (inexplicable) £1.75bn state subsidy the affluent already get in tax-free Isas and Peps.

It's not just that she sees it as inexplicable that people should be able to set aside a limited amount of money without being subject to double taxation. What gets me is that she sees not being taxed on something as a subsidy. This is the antithesis of the truth: it's ridiculous to suggest that not having money taken away is the same thing as having money given to you. Man; I'm annoyed now.


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