Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh Brave New World!

Today marks a very significant moment in the life of the Reptile. After 8 years in higher education, it has been decided that enough is enough, and so I am just going off to work. The very principle has always been something of an anathema to me, so all parties are mightily interested in just how easily I can adapt to a new environment.

I'll let you all know with handy, anonymous details later, though there may be something of a brief hiatus as I get used to all this getting up and commuting lark.


Blogger ThunderDragon said...

I intend to apend as much time in higher education as I can - it is far easier than having to w*rk for a living!

10:21 pm  
Blogger Tim J said...

Enjoy it. You'll never be so well rested and idle again - sob!

8:06 am  

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