Friday, September 01, 2006

Just by the way

I admit to some bias here: I think Mark Thomas is a cockstain of the first water. I dislike his tactics, find his smug pomposity almost unbearable and have never laughed ever at anything he has said. Further, I will not laugh at anything he ever will say, unless it is to report that has permanently lost his voice and consequently will never speak again.

That aside, the title of this book confuses me. Thomas holds up an AK47, favourite small arm of the African nationalist movements from Algeria to Zimbabwe, and titles it "As used on the famous Nelson Mandela." Given that Mandela was a prime instigator of the ANC's espousal of military methods to combat apartheid shouldn't that be "As used by the famous Nelson Mandela"? And the Guardian puff "John Pilger with laughs" sums up precisely why I wish that the Guardian, Thomas and indeed Pilger would all fuck off and die in a tree.


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