Wednesday, July 19, 2006

PMQs - what is the damn point?

Blair's performances at PMQs have never been precisely assured - he was ritually slaughtered every Wednesday by Hague - but the whole damn thing just seems so pointless. Cameron asks a question that can have no answer "doesn't this show a lack of judgment?" Blair responds by talking about Conservative policy and jeering, Ming Campbell asks a fatuous and stumbling question that Blair dismisses and then a whole host of brown-tongued little bastards pose a series of complete non-questions reiniscent of Fatty Soames and Winston Churchill ("Grandpapa, is it true you're the greatest man in England?").

Why bother? What is the point? If the Speaker can't be bothered to ensure that only sensible questions are asked, and then that they receive an answer we may as well just watch feeding time at the zoo for all the enlightenment it provides. As it is, all that we get out of it is a reflection of party morale by how hard they wave order papers and shout. Marvellous.

Mind you Cameron's joke about getting Blair to answer questions (mentioning Scotland Yard) was pretty good.


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