Thursday, July 20, 2006

All you need to know

I know I've posted on this before, and that it's not an area that I claim any expertise in, but the sheer level of vitriol that appears on the Guardian site whenever Israel is mentioned always leaves me gasping open-mouthed. Almost every one of the 'most-commented' articles are about Israel, and a lot of the comments are like this:

Frankly, I see no value anymore in reading opinion pieces from people with Jewish names. Entirely predictable knee-jerk support for Israel and whatever its army does! If Jewish commentators do not have the guts to identify evil on either side, what is the value of their contribution? It's just another piece of propaganda.

The term "zionazi" is unpleasant and a little unkind, but the inevitable conclusion from reading your justification for mass murder is that you bloody well deserve no better. Sharon must be nodding in his coma.

Israeli actions in the last month have had one highly desirable effect - the whole world now knows which is the really dangerous fundamentalism in the Middle East. First Gaza, then Tyre and Beirut and a hundred smashed villages have made it plain beyond doubt. The state is Israel, the fundamentalism is Judaic, the 'philosophy' - 'one Jewish fingernail is worth a million Arab lives'.

Why is it that anti-Jewish bigotry is considered acceptable? What is there in the make-up of this sort of world-view that allows only one form of racism? Why on earth do the Guardian allow such inflammatory language on their site? I genuinely do not understand.


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