Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well duh

So are we meant to be surprised that the Scottish Affairs Committee has announced today that the perennial West Lothian question is pissing off English voters and that this could potentially destroy the 1998 devolution settlement?

Just as the "No taxation without representation" slogan came to symbolise the American Revolutionary War, that well-worn phrase "For fuck's sake, stop using your Scottish MPs to push through unpopular votes in England which will have no impact upon their own constituents and stop making us pay for your populist Scots-only initiatives which we're told we can't afford down here" is echoing through our green and pleasant land...

I'd watch it Gordon et al. It's only a matter of time before the worm turns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fancy I can hear England stirring! That 85% of this island which ZaNuLabour has set out all those years ago to destroy. The conspiracy to regionalise England is a Labour plot not an EU plot, the gerrymandering of postal voting, the built in 10% advantage of labour seats in Westminster, the excess number of Scottish seats at Westminster, the labour wooing of Islamic votes, the labour encouragement of illegal immigration which is a labour voting minority, the refusal by labour to deport criminals who are mainly labour supporters, giving the vote to criminals in prison. We were never meant to see any other but a socialist government again.
Suddenly I think the earth is moving, and not necessarily to any other of the political mafia parties. I smell a political meltdown and a takeover of governance by the people for the people.

5:59 pm  

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